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11 In-demand Jobs You Can Get with Coding Skills

These are the 10 in-demand jobs that you can get with your coding skills. Such as full-stack developer, front-end developer, back-end developer and more

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11 in-demand jobs with coding skills


We live in a digital era where we are surrounded with smart things, like smartphones, smart assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa who can respond to you almost like an obedient servant.

If you cannot imagine to what extent technology could revolutionize the world, take a look at China and see how they implement technology in their everyday lives.

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth Industrial Revolution, is a hot global topic as it will be the next wave of adoption and revolutionizing everything around us by combining technology, real-time data and responses.

Then there is 5G technology, the very reason why Donald Trump started the trade war with China, a key component for Industry 4.0. The internet connectivity will be ten times better and faster than now.For example, this would allow for a surgeon to conduct a surgery from across the planet using this highspeed internet connection in combination with robotics who actually perform the surgery. All made possible by the fast, reliable and wireless internet connectivity.

The point is that technology is not going to go away. Rather, it is advancing with break neck speed, tech is said to automate almost 50% of jobs in the United States in the next two decades. The same is true for China, but even quicker. Within ten years.

Today, everyone is jumping on the tech bandwagon and in the United States alone there are already over 700,000 jobs vacancies in tech. What about worldwide tech vacancies?

There are a lot of opportunities for career growth and advancement in technology. But the question is, are you ready?

Here are 11 in-demand jobs in tech that can secure your future:

  1. Full Stack Developer
  2. Front-end Developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  3. Front-end Developer with frameworks such as ReactJS
  4. Back-end Developer (Python, React, API’s)
  5. Cyber Security Engineer
  6. AI and Machine Learning Engineer
  7. Robotics Engineer
  8. Blockchain Developer
  9. IoT Specialist
  10. Game Developer
  11. WordPress Developer

One thing they have in common – you need the ability to code.

1. Full Stack Developer

Nowadays, everyone is talking about building a mobile application. Whenever there is an app idea, you would naturally go to a developer that would build it for you. Software developers are the builders and the sole reason your favourite apps like Facebook and Instagram exist.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

If someone tells you he or she is a Full Stack Developer, it means that this person is comfortable with both front-end web development and back-end development.

  • Front-end development: in simple terms, it is everything you see on the internet. This includes your Facebook timeline and the beautiful web shop of your favourite clothing brand.
  • Back-end development: this is the backbone of every software application. For example, on Facebook you only see your friends their posts and not that from strangers. Another example is the discount that is being applied when you enter a promotional code while shopping online.

What kind of opportunities are there?

As a Full Stack Developer, you know the best of both worlds. Career-wise, you will get to dabble with an app from start to finish. Thanks to your flexibility you have the choice to either work with the look and feel of the app or to do back-end work and work on new and cool features for the app. Or you can choose to focus on either one of them.

With innovative start-ups creating disruptive technologies comes the need for even more bright people. The best part about working in technology is the chance to work globally and remotely, allowing you to travel the world.

Exploit your usefulness as a freelancer and attend some start-up conferences. There will be plenty of entrepreneurs you can connect with and help them realize their ideas into a minimal viable product.

As an entrepreneur, being a Full Stack Developer gives you the advantage that you can work independently without needing to rely on others.

At NEXT Academy, we have students who learned to code and build their own ideas. Some have successfully transitioned into start-ups.

Salary range

Between $54,000 and $117,000 with the mean salary being $80,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You are not afraid of problems. Rather, you like solving them
  • You love being creative and building stuff
  • You are excited to explore and implement new technology
  • When you look at an app, you start to think of the design and how it actually works

The next step

If you see yourself in the above illustrated picture and you want to learn to code, you should check out our Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

2. Front-end Developer

A Front-end Developer is someone who specializes in Front-end Development and writes the code mainly for the user interface of a website. They try to make a website look as beautiful as possible and also as responsive as possible.

What is a Front-end Developer? (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap)

Front-end developers develop the look and feel of websites. In the past, front-end developers tend to only focus on the code, but today, they may be asked to take charge of the UI/UX (user interface and the user experience) of the entire website.

The first step of being a front-end developer is that they must know HTML, CSS and JavaScript as these are the core languages that every browser and every website uses.

  • HTML is HyperText Markup Language, you use HTML to write the content of your website
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is used to beautify your HTML
  • JavaScript is a programming language that creates interactivity on your websites. Here is what you can do when you learn JavaScript
Image result for example of html

To make your life easier, you should master Bootstrap as well. It is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world. Basically, with Bootstrap, it is like a bunch of shortcuts to make your life easier while you code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What kind of opportunities are there?

As a Front-end Developer, your career opportunities are aligned with that of a Full Stack Developer.

You can choose it as a career to build and maintain websites and also become a freelancer.

Salary range

Between $56,000 and $111,000 with the mean salary being $78,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You love visuals and creating beautiful stuff
  • You are a strong problem solver
  • You love working together in a team as well as independently
  • You can visually imagine a person his or her ideas and make it a reality

The next step

If you see yourself in the above illustrated picture and you want to learn to code, you should check out our Front-end Web Development Bootcamp. This course is entirely beginner friendly and will teach you everything you need to get started. Should you already have basic knowledge. Consider our Front-end Web Development Bootcamp with ReactJS.

3. Front-end Developer with frameworks such as ReactJS

Today, people are looking into single-page applications and also hybrid mobile apps and that requires more knowledge than just HTML, CSS and JavaScript!

What is a ReactJS Developer?

If you want to level up further from your usual HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can look into frontend frameworks such as ReactJS. 

ReactJS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces in a flexible manner. You can use it to build single page application where instead of the entire page refreshing when you click on certain data you want, ReactJS will update and render just the right components efficiently when your data changes.

With ReactJS, people can venture into React Native and build hybrid mobile apps as well. This means that instead of hiring 2 different developers to build an iOS app and an Android app; you only need 1 developer to build a hybrid app which can be used across 2 platforms!

What kind of opportunities are there?

As a ReactJS Developer, there are plenty of opportunities in getting a career/ employment as many companies are looking for React developers.

Beyond that, you can be a freelancer in creating React powered websites and hybrid apps.

Salary range

Between $57,500 and $200,000 with the mean salary being $120,000. As this is a more niche technology, don’t be surprised that the salary range is higher than your usual frontend developer who only does HTML, CSS and JavaScript!

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • Added advantage: a keen eye for design and user experience!
  • Attentive to details
  • You are a problem solver
  • You already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript well

The next step

Want to learn ReactJS? Check out our Front-end Web Development Bootcamp with ReactJS.

4. Back-end Developer

In layman’s terms, you would be building the “brains” of the website. This is where databases come in where you store and extract data, you would write your algorithms in here for your special features and you would also build API (Application Programming Interface) which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

The programming language which can be used here varies a lot, from lower level languages such as Java to higher level languages such as Ruby, Python, JavaScript. Here is an article on which programming language which you should start with and what to consider.

Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s easier to learn than some other languages
  • It has a versatile use-case, not just for developing apps, but also machine learning, AI and data science which the world is moving towards

With Python, you can build your backend with its web framework called Flask and also Django. Here are other cool things you can do with Python.

What kind of opportunities are there?

As a Back-end Developer, keep in mind that backend technology stack is fragmented. Some companies may look for developers with a specific technology stack.

However, coders with good foundation, in 1 or 2 years would have the flexibility in adapting to new technology stack quite easily. This, many companies and startups are now mainly looking for keen problem solvers regardless of technology stack.

You can get a job as a backend developer.

For freelancing, you may need to work together with a frontend developer if the client wants to build an entire app from scratch.

Sometimes, clients would also look for backend developers to help write scripts to automate task OR integrate 3rd party APIs into their sites.

Salary range

Between $101,000 and $139,000 with the mean salary being $117,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You are a real analytics fanatic
  • Problems do not sweep you away
  • You can work highly independently
  • You are motivated to terminate any bug that might be out there

The next step

If you see yourself in the above illustrated picture and if you already can code for frontend, you should check out our Python Web Development Bootcamp.

If you are a total beginner, hoping to get unto this path, I would suggest for you to take Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

5. Cyber Security Engineer

Back in the days of brick-and-mortars stores, store owners had to protect their shop and the shop its products from thieves by securely locking the door.

How about the world wide web? How is our private information protected?

Breaches and hacks

Breaches and hacks happen a lot. One of the most significant was in 2014, when Yahoo! was expropriated from over half a billion of its users their sensitive information. Stolen information included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.

Another, more recent, hack happened in 2018 when Marriot (the hotel giant) discovered that one of its subsidiaries was robbed from over half a billion of its guests’ data. Including very sensitive information such as banking data and passport numbers. Although it started in 2014, the breach was only discovered four years later.

These two examples are from big companies and the people behind the attacks were most likely seasoned hackers. Marriot’s case shows us that hackers can access data for years on end without a single person knowing about it.

What is a Cyber Security Engineer?

A Cyber Security Engineer is someone who ensures that the company its IT systems remain safe from potential threats from inside and outside the company. He or she will have to update, maintain and evaluate the security measures already in place.

Furthermore, he or she will have to stay up to date with changing regulations and new hacking trends to make sure the company is always a step ahead.

Its job role: Develop, update, and implement security measures and controls. Secure digital files and information systems, protecting them from unauthorized access or tampering. Provide technical support and monitor security access. Perform regular internal and external security audits.

What kind of opportunities are there?

There are plenty of opportunities out there because of the pace at which technology is evolving. The biggest issue is security.

Currently, it is said that cyber security unemployment rate drops to 0%. This is how crazily in-demand cyber security is.

Salary range

Between $93,000 and $155,000 with the mean salary being $130,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You have a high sense of responsibility
  • You can work under high pressure
  • You always make sure to enable Two Factor Authentication for all your accounts
  • You are real tech-savvy
  • You wish to solve problems quickly
  • You are always up to date with the latest trends

The next step

While some parts of cyber security may not necessarily need coding per say, higher value job roles such as Chief Information Officer, security software developer, security system and security architect role requires you to have good understanding of software architecture as well.

6. AI and Machine Learning Engineer

AI and Machine Learning may sound like something from the far future, but actually it is not. If you have ever used Google Assistant or Siri, then you have experienced both of these things first-hand.

Sophia the robot

While a talking assistant might be impressive, wait until you have seen this video. The interviewer is interviewing a robot, and it talks. It uses AI and Machine Learning to interpret what the interviewer is saying and is processing an answer in the meantime. What is scarier, however, is the fact that it can think, to a certain extent. It learns from previous dialogues to enhance its replies.

What goes a bit further than just talking, is granting citizenship. That is exactly what Sophia the robot received from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This raises some ethical questions. The country wants to build a city worth $500 billion which would be powered by robots and renewables.

What is an AI and Machine Learning Engineer?

AI and machine Learning can be used to automate businesses and operations. Today, different industries and businesses are trying to incorporate AI into their systems to automate and make real-time decisions. It would eventually reduce cost and increase the efficiency of the entire business!

People are seeing use-cases in increasing sales, detecting fraud, improving customer services, providing predictive analysis, detecting damages and much more.

What kind of opportunities are there?

There are plenty of opportunities out there. You will be in-demand by every major tech company and high-valued start-ups. This is because there is a shortage of people who have knowledge of AI and Machine Learning. It is estimated that only 10,000 people in the world have extensive knowledge of AI and Machine Learning. This makes you a valuable asset to companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Uber.

Salary range

Between $135,000 and $170,000 with the mean salary being $152,500.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You are a real mathematician with knowledge of statistics and probability
  • You are a strong problem solver
  • You can think critically
  • You have good command of programming languages like Python, C++, R and Java
  • You are creative and curious by nature
  • You would love to be part of the team that makes robots and AI powered technology

The next step

As being an AI or machine learning specialist requires you to know Python so that you can leverage on its machine learning, AI and math libraries, you should check out our Python Web Development Bootcamp.

While NEXT Academy specialises in web development with Python, you would learn how to use the Python language, how to use its libraries. Beyond that, you can even build an app with AI capabilities.

7. Robotics Engineer

A robot is, by definition “a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.”

The usage of robots

Robots are being used in warehouses, stores, the film industry, households and many more places and industries. The most common and accepted robot we, people, actually use on a daily basis is a robot vacuum cleaner.

Big companies with big budgets can afford industrial robots that help them with warehousing. Amazon its warehouse, for example, is completely (99%) automated. Another example is Kira, a camera robot.The robot allows for shots that are impossible for human beings to shoot. Another benefit is that the programmed sequence can be saved so that at any given moment, the exact same shot can be recreated.

It looks like this.

Kira, a camera robot that helps with impossible camera angle that can't be handled by human

What does a Robotics Engineer do?

A Robotics Engineer is a designer who is responsible for creating robots and robot systems that are able to perform tasks that can be automated. Their job is to make life easier and above all, safer. They do not necessarily make a robot themselves.

These days, a lot of robotic companies are looking for robot programmers for their clients. The robot programmers would that program the robots to fit the client’s requirements.

What kind of opportunities are there?

Working in a team that programs and makes robots is pretty awesome. You and your team could be working for a company that wants to automate processes and needs a robot to accomplish this.

To get into this, you would first have to understand which part of the value chain you are situated on. Are you in charge of the robot building part, or are you situated on the robot customisation part?

This would require you to work closely with robotic companies! Keep a lookout for them!

Furthermore, Industry 4.0 is where the best of robots meets the best of real-time data. We foresee that robots would have the autonomy to make certain level of decisions based off the data it is being provided and it would be able to communicate with other robots!

Salary range

Between $64,000 and $96,000 with the mean salary being $80,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You are a real mathematician with knowledge of statistics and probability
  • Problems excite you, rather than scare you
  • You question everything
  • You are proficient in Python, Java, C++, C# and .NET
  • You are creative and curious by nature
  • You would like to be part of the team that makes robots

The next step

If you think this is something for you, then check out our Python Web Development Bootcamp. There are quite a number of companies who use Python, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Spotify.

8. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is a relatively new thing and, consequently, not many people know what it is or what it is capable of doing. But it is capable of doing amazing things.

The blockchain technology enables greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed of transactions, and reduced costs.

Governments are now talking about blockchain implementation to curb corruption. Industry players are looking into to curb fraud.

What is a Blockchain Developer?

First of all, it is important to know that there are two types of Blockchain Developers. On the one hand you have a Blockchain Core Developer, someone who handles the design architecture of blockchain technology. On the other hand, you have the Blockchain Software Developer. They use the architecture from the core developer to create blockchain applications.

A Blockchain Developer is “responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain systems, developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology”.

What kind of opportunities are there?

While the blockchain technology is not new, the application of blockchain is relatively new and is at its growth stage.

People are now venturing into blockchain-backed supply chain, blockchain-backed contracts and much more.

We foresee even more opportunities to pop up in the coming years!

Salary range

Between $150,000 and $175,000 with the mean salary being $162,500.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You have knowledge of data structures
  • You know cryptographic hash functions and distributed ledger technology
  • You question everything
  • You love solving problems
  • You can think logically
  • You can work independently

The next step

Being a blockchain core developer or blockchain-powered app developer, you would need to have a good understanding of coding in general. You should check out our Python Web Development Bootcamp.

We have multiple students who started with zero coding knowledge and are now venturing into blockchain technology.

9. IoT Specialist

The Internet of Things, commonly referred to as IoT, is the extension of internet connectivity into everyday objects like a refrigerator, a microwave, a car, a bicycle or, even, your house. These devices or objects interact with, let’s say, your smartphone over the internet.

A practical example is the Samsung Hub Refrigerator. This is a smart fridge which can tell you what’s in your fridge by displaying the food items on a screen. Because it uses Samsung’s Bixby Vision, which is Samsung’s version of Siri and Google Assistant, it can literally tell you whether you have enough apples at home.

While the Samsung Hub Refrigerator is not really a thing yet, it will be in the future. Although it will come at a high price, the impact it will have on the lives of its users will be immense. Especially for the visually impaired and elderly.

NEXT Academy’s past student project

Take a look at one of our past student’s IoT Project, which he and his team members made for the Final Project. The Lock ‘n Roll application lets you lock your door from anywhere using the web application. Especially useful if you have forgot to lock your door or if you want to gain someone remote access to your house.

Another example is Elon Musk’s Tesla, a car that emits nothing earth-damaging. The car uses AI and Machine Learning to drive itself and uses IoT to communicate with the owner its phone. The application does things like locking and unlocking the car, opening the trunk and pre-heating or pre-cooling the car.

What is an IoT Specialist?

There are two kinds of IoT’ers.

  • One of which is the IoT Generalist, someone who knows something of a lot of things.
  • The other one is the IoT Specialist. This person has extensive knowledge of at least one or two of the beneath listed disciplines.
  • Devices
  • Connectivity
  • Platforms
  • Edge/Cloud Analytics
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Development and DevOps

What kind of opportunities are there?

As an IoT Specialist the opportunities are endless. Every company has some kind of technological need and the things around us are getting smarter than us.

Besides working for a boss, you can also start your own company and think how IoT can better the lives of others.

Salary range

Between $55,000 and $218,000 with the mean salary being $136,500.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You have knowledge of data structures
  • You love everything tech
  • You love solving problems
  • You can think logically
  • You can work independently
  • You have knowledge of many tech aspects

The next step

If you think this is something for you, then check out our Python Web Development Bootcamp. You can first get into IoT via Raspberry Pi and code with it using Python.

If you are a total beginner, hoping to get unto this path, I would suggest for you to take Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp.

10. Game Developer

This entry might come as a surprise to you, but game development is (very) big business. This is especially true if you consider the fact that almost every game nowadays is part of some kind of eSports league.

eSports is basically the professional league of the gaming world, equivalent to WWA (wrestling), NBA (basketball), NHL (ice hockey) and NFL (football). The eSports industry is worth about $1 billion, so it is safe to say that playing games is also lucrative if you are very good at it. Even more so, it is lucrative to be a Game Developer.

What is a Game Developer?

Game developers, more specifically known as video game developers or video game designers, are software developers who create video games.

In game development, there would be aspects of game creation from concept and story writing to coding and programming.

To get started with games, you can start off with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Tic Tac Toe game, one of the projects that every student must build during their Web Development bootcamp

You can also build some simple games with Python using its libraries! Check out some games that are built with Python.

The most common technology in creating games would be with Unity. It is the world’s most popular game engine. It can be used to create both 2D and 3D games. It is the backbone for popular games like Pokemon Go. With Unity, you would need to be able to code in C#.

What kind of opportunities are there?

As a Game Developer you are part of a team that creates, develops and programs a game. There are a lot of consoles you can develop for. PlayStation and Xbox for example. But also, for Nintendo and the computer. The eSports trend makes sure that the industry will not saturate anytime soon.

There are plenty of gaming companies around the world!

Salary range

Between $66,000 and $148,000 with the mean salary being $102,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You love playing video games
  • You are creative and curious
  • You love solving problems
  • You can think logically
  • You can work in a team
  • You are good with computer languages
  • You love coding

The next step

To get to Unity, you would need to learn C# programming language. Some people may find it a tad tough learning C# and would opt to first start off with easier languages such as Python or JavaScript before venturing into C#.

Concepts across different programming languages are similar and thus transferable. You will need to understand data types, object-oriented programming (OOP) concept etc.

My suggestion is to take Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp. You will learn about data types and also OOP while building apps. This knowledge is transferable to game development.

11. WordPress Developer

Some of you might know WordPress as your friendly website builder which is, in fact, quite popular among almost everyone. Whether you want to create your own portfolio, start an online store or write a passionate blog about dogs, WordPress is the way to go. What you probably didn’t know, is that as much as 34% of the internet is built on WordPress.

While the website offers easy controls and great customization, when you want even more control, you will need to have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All of these aspects fall into the front-end category, which has been discussed earlier.

The advantage with front-end development is that it can be perceived as easier. Working with visual feedback is, in most instances, easier than working without. Furthermore, some people think it’s more fun to work on something that other people, other than themselves, can see.

What is a WordPress Developer?

Someone who is well versed with WordPress setup. You may not need to know how to code, but if clients want additional features, HTML, CSS and JavaScript would come in handy!

What kind of opportunities are there?

As a WordPress Developer you can be employed to maintain sites by companies.

As a freelancer, you can set up websites for people. If you have a lot of experience and a strong portfolio of past and recurring clients, you can increase your hourly rate accordingly.

Salary range

Between $40,000 and $89,000 with the mean salary being $61,000.

How do I know if this is suitable for me?

  • You already have knowledge of WordPress
  • You love being creative
  • You can write code
  • You love design and designing
  • You can work independently
  • You are a critical thinker

The next step

If you have already worked with WordPress in the past, then learning to code is the way to go to become the ultimate WordPress Developer.

Our Front-end Web Development Bootcamp will help you teach the basics of web development and assist you on your journey to become a WordPress Developer.

Success stories

Ian – from geophysicist to developer

Ian, alumni of NEXT Academy, from geophysicist to developer

One of our past students graduated with a degree in geophysics and also followed a computer science course for two semesters.

After graduating he got an office job because he could not find a job in geophysics. He realised that the office job was not what he wanted and chose to pick up his programming skills.

After following our Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, he has been able to create beautiful things. Such as a web application which lets you scan a bill and split it. Such an app exists, but not with the feature to actually read a physical bill, nothing has to be filled in by hand.

Even before he graduated, he got a job offer from a company which is in the online payment systems business. That is quite a coincidence.

Yvonne – from zero to hero, how she sustains her own company using code

Yvonne, alumni of NEXT Academy, sustain her company with coding

Another past student had originally no background in coding. A few years ago, she joined a coding bootcamp here in at NEXT Academy. This year, she decided she wanted to pick her coding skills up and become even better. So now, she has become an alumnus twice.

One of the reasons she wanted to learn to code was so that she can help out her own company. She reasoned that it is cheaper to code up her idea by herself instead of outsourcing. When her company grows, she will then hire developers to join her.


In this article, we have touched on tech jobs that are especially attractive if you know how to code. The jobs are in high demand. Now that you know more about the paths you can take, it is time to take the next step. That is, building on the knowledge you already have.

For most of the jobs that have been discussed, it is evident that the following characteristics cannot lack.

Creativity and curiosity 

In most of these jobs, you are going to create things. Either for yourself or for your employer. The stakeholders have the most impact on the end result. Because they know what they want, it is your job to figure out how it should look like. With that being said, creativity is key. You need to be able to visualize anything a potential client wants. Therefore, you will need to ask a lot of questions.

Not afraid of failure

Keep in mind that it is NORMAL to have bugs or your app crashes! Do not be paralyzed by it! Too many people give up coding because they expect to write the perfect code on their first try.

You just need to step back into the ring and fix them!

Problem-solving and computational thinking

Always remember that computers cannot solve problems you don’t already know how to solve. You will need to love to solve problems, think of solutions and write them in actionable steps that a computer can understand!

Do you need Mathematics?

It is not necessary to be a genius at math when learning to code. It is all about being analytical and logical. However, if you want to venture into areas like machine learning, AI and data science, YES. You will need to understand math well!

If you want to learn to code!

Now If you are a beginner and you want to learn to code, you can begin with the front-end bootcamp. It is entirely beginner-friendly and will teach you all the basics needed to take your coding to a next level.

If you are a more advanced coder, you might be interested in our Python Web Development bootcamp. This requires some prerequisite knowledge.

Still not sure, or want advice? Contact us. Let’s talk through this and understand what you really need to achieve your goals.

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