About Us &
Our Commitment

NEXT Academy is Southeast Asia’s leading academy for aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, software engineers, and digital marketers. We offer sought-after skills, taught in a time-efficient manner, so that everyone from university graduates to working professionals can take their careers to the next level.

NEXT Academy trains world class junior developers in Southeast Asia. We started off as a 9-week coding bootcamp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with MaGIC, A Malaysian Government Agency Mandated To Build Up The Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Our programs are designed by industry experts in Silicon Valley and benchmarked against world standards. We have graduated over 2800+ students from America, Europe, Middle East And Southeast Asia in the past 6 years.

Mission Statement

To empower passionate individuals with the skills and knowledge to build, grow tech startups and re-invent the future.

Our Vision

  • Impact and enable 1 million individuals to achieve greater career success.
  • Foster the growth of 100 tech companies to achieve valuations exceeding US$ 100 million.

Our Commitment

This is NEXT Academy’s commitment to our students, employers and the community.

When we founded NEXT Academy in 2014, our mission was to grow the tech ecosystem which was then in its infancy. Today, we continue to do this by contributing tech talents to the industry. We have trained doctors, bankers, pharmacists, journalists, secondary students, DJs, waiters and school dropouts. Most of our students started with zero coding knowledge, then moved on to build amazing apps in just 10 weeks.

Our students have went on to build tech companies, lead tech teams or find employment as developers. Some have turned freelancers and have even disrupted traditional industries by incorporating their newfound knowledge. Many individuals have been empowered, and lives changed. Our graduates are going to places they’ve never dreamed of, just through their ability to code and create.

NEXT Academy started out as Code Division, a brainchild born through a passion to help Malaysia embrace a tech-driven future alongside MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre).

We supply the ecosystem with builders — people who create with lines of code.

We supply the ecosystem with ambassadors, story-tellers and digital marketers — people who help others discover solutions.

Today, we’ve decided to change it a bit. This is our new commitment…

  • to those who’d like to join us on this learning journey, that we will walk along with you so long you do your best to acquire these valuable skills and create an impact everywhere you go.
  • to employers who trust us with their talent, that we will continuously do our best to equip your talents so that everyone can grow and seize opportunities together.
  • to the community that has grown with us, that we will not stop championing innovation so that more people are able to transform and spur the tech ecosystem together.

To partners and friends, feel free to nudge us whenever you see opportunities to grow together.

And finally, in light of the very timely Malaysia 2.0 for the year 2018, we’ve reached an era where each of us has the power to write our own destiny, as well as create a better future together. No one should ever feel insignificant, because we can all make a difference.

Yours sincerely,

Audrey Ling

CEO of NEXT Academy

Our Students Are Making A Difference

Today, they are contributing towards the world of tomorrow to make all our lives easier.

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