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Content Writing Course Now Available

Always been interested in content writing but unsure where to start? Want to write more impactful content for your business or personal use?

Our newly launched course will help you explore exactly that. Just click the button below to sign up!

Date: 13 Sep 2021 (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

Duration: 4 hours

Format: Live Zoom class

Suitable for: Beginners or creatives looking to explore content writing

MYR 349 (50% OFF)
MYR 169

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Just launched!

copywriting for entrepreneurship

Content Marketing (Writing)

For Beginners
13 September 2021

Press releases, website copy, and blog content all have one thing in common, and that’s the written word.

What’s in a title? How do you convince through writing? What’s the best style for your writing voice? Discover them all here. Learn the key elements of good content writing.

Those who wish to apply the power of the written word in their content marketing

  • The different aspects of writing in the digital world and how to use them
  • Copywriting techniques such as open loops and PAS writing
  • How to utilize content marketing throughout your blog and other  content mediums

3.5 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 349 (50% OFF)
MYR 169
canva basic

Start with Canva Basics

For Beginners

Get started with one of the most important designing tools today— Canva!

Knowing how to perform basic editing for your visuals is a requirement, and we will get you up to speed with the important basics.

⭐️ Beginner-friendly

Need to do some designing for ads or social media post?

You are struggling with design, colors and Canva, but no one is helping you?

This is super good (& lifesaver) for total beginner in design & Canva. 😉

  • How to navigate Canva
  • Editing existing images & removing background
  • Creating impactful good looking visuals from scratch
  • Playing with colors and learn their combo
  • Working with text in your designs
  • Understand white space concept

3 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 149 (50% OFF)
MYR 69
learn canva pro

Rapid Design with Canva

For Slightly Experienced

Visual creatives are an integral part of the digital world today, and it doesn’t matter if they’re for social media posts, advertisements, or even blog content. Here, we explore how to take your creatives to the next level with eye-grabbing carousel, gif, video and more.

Marketers who would like to stop relying on designers for all your visual creatives.

Aspiring freelancers who want to get design gigs.

You should already know some Canva basic.

  • How to create carousels and attractive creatives for any social media platform (Instagram, LinkedIn and more)
  • Creating video and animated slides with audio to draw in your audience
  • How to use custom fonts to tailor your branding
  • How to create e-books for marketing
  • Understand core UI concepts

3.5 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 199 (50% OFF)
MYR 99
on the go series photo editing

On The Go : Photo Editing 📸

For Beginners

A picture tells a thousand words. With smartphones, we are snapping moments or pictures for our social media and businesses.

Learn cool tips & tricks to turn normal pictures into beautiful pieces of art worthy of attention.

⭐️You need a smart phone that can handle VSCO and Snapseed

Do you feel like the pictures you take is dull?

Do you always wish to take insta-worthy pictures?

Maybe you want to ake nice pictures but you can’t always afford a professional photographer…

This is for anyone who wants the skills to create nice beautiful pictures with their smart phone.

Say cheese!

  • Understand photo composition concept
  • Learn how to do photo editing (getting rid of pimples)
  • Learn how to do color editing to turn your photos into vibrant pieces of work
  • We will be using VSCO and Snapseed, please make sure your smart phone can handle them

4 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 299 (50% OFF)
MYR 149
grow your email list

Grow Your Email List with Email Marketing Funnel

For Beginners

Email marketing is still very much alive, and it’s one of the most reliable ways of keeping a customer database.

Learn how to overcome the challenges of growing your email list and crafting interesting campaigns to keep your audience hooked.

Businesses who want to build an email list to grow their follower or lead base

  • Setup your GetResponse mailer
  • Build a landing page for your email list
  • Learn about different type of emails
  • Set automated marketing funnel strategy

4 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 299 (50% OFF)
MYR 149
Instagram growth booster

Instagram Growth Booster 🚀

For Slightly Experienced

Instagram isn’t just a visual social media platform, it is also a business opportunity. Many entrepreneurs use it to their advantage!

Learn how to make the most out of this platform and gain more exposure and potential customers today! Upgrade your Instagram today!

⭐️ Must have an existing Instagram account (new or old doesn’t matter)

Are you a business owner wanting more followers and exposure?

How do you get them to reach out to you or your website from Instagram?

Are you also getting confused with so many different features?

This is for people who wants to one-up their Instagram efforts minus the confusion!

  • How to make your Instagram profile fit for conversion
  • Research and boost your post with #hashtags
  • Learn how to create effective Instagram ads
  • Learn how to read your Instagram data
  • Learn how to leverage and get more exposure with Instagram features and understand Instagram algorithm

4 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 349 (50% OFF)
MYR 169
build your wordpress website

Build Your WordPress Website (Business & Blog)

For Beginners

WordPress is one of the most comprehensive blogging platforms that will complement your business or brand perfectly.

If you’re looking to build your online presence, then this course will get you up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Businesses or individuals without a website, and are looking to increase their online presence.

  • How to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog easily
  • A website’s most important pages and how to create them
  • How to get started with your blog and craft quality content
  • Where to get quick royalty free image as you star with your website
  • What are important plugins to have

8 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 899 (50% OFF)
MYR 449
copywriting for ads

Exploring Impactful Ads Copywriting

For Beginners

The art of ad copy certainly differs from content writing, and it is often a discipline of its own.

Here, you can discover how to best pitch your products and services to the world through ad copywriting.

  • Copywriting enthusiasts who are looking for additional ways to improve their ad copy
  • Business owners or online entrepreneurs who need more impactful ad copies
  • What are the powerful ways to structure your ad copy
  • How do you get your audience to take action
  • What are the ways to generate attractive headlines
  • Differences between B2B and B2C ad copywriting

3.5 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 349 (50% OFF)
MYR 169
on page seo 101 for wordpress

On-Page SEO 101 for WordPress Websites

For Beginners

You can’t have a WordPress website without knowing SEO.

Learn how to ensure that each piece of content you put out there is optimized to rank on the front page of Google, and that you’re future proof when it comes to written content!

⭐️ You will need to already have a WordPress website and have access to it

  • Content creators & website owners that want to make sure that the website pages are optimised for content
  • The tools you’ll need to optimize your content
  • The best practices you should follow every time you post content
  • How Google sees websites and how you can help it understand you better

3 hours of Zoom Live class

MYR 249 (50% OFF)
MYR 119

How is training conducted?

Mentor-guided Live Sessions

#StaySafe, #StayComfortable while you learn with us. Put on your headphones and get ready to rock 'n roll while you ideate and learn!

Practical, Follow-along Class

This is going to be a straight-to-the-point class that you can learn and apply! Get a second screen so that you can follow along!

Sessions Recorded For You

These sessions are recorded, so you can always refer back to your session. They will be available to you for 1 year after the course.

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The timing varies, but they generally all take less than one day. That means that you’ll be able to upskill yourself within the shortest amount of time.

One of the main advantages of these mini courses is that you’ll have a mentor to provide you with live guidance. That means you won’t have to figure things out on your own, and you’ll get to ask all your questions in real time.

No, you won’t need prior knowledge as these courses are designed mostly for beginners.

A laptop is all you’ll need to complete all the courses listed here. Some modules, such as our Instagram Growth program will require a mobile phone and the app.

Yes you do. Your discount will apply for any program you choose to register down the line, until it expires at the end of 2021.

Yes you can! We encourage you to use your voucher for any of the subjects that suit your fancy. The voucher is applicable to the registrant only, until it expires at the end of 2021.

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Fion See

Founder of Sticker Bear

Every entrepreneur should learn digital marketing because they can reach a wider audience out there, like people who they would not expect would actually buy their products.
Eda Tee

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is an essential skill in a job market because it’s so close to our daily lives. It’s accessible everywhere. I enjoyed learning together with the mentors at NEXT Academy.
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University Student

"I came from zero marketing background, but with NEXT Academy’s help, now I understand what is digital marketing all about and I am truly prepared for the working world."
Sean Mitchell

Entrepreneur & Full-stack Coder

As a business owner, I wanted to learn to code to be more involved in my tech media business. I joined NEXT Academy and throughout the course, I rebuilt my entire site from scratch and included my own features.
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Job Placement Program

Upon completing our coding bootcamps, we will assist our graduates in getting their portfolios and resumes up to industry standards, and then get them in touch with our partners and affiliate companies for placement, internship or even full-time employment opportunities.

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