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eXPr – Food Date Expiration Tracker App

eXPr is a food expiration date tracker app. eXPr is part of the Student Projects from Web Development Bootcamp Course April 2019 batch.

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Do you always find yourself wasting food because you have no idea when it’s expiring? Worry not! Now you can organize and keeping track of your food expiry date with eXPr. eXPr will notify you when your food’s expiration date is getting closer, preventing food waste. Moreover, you can find recipes based on the food that you have!

After 8 weeks of learning how to code from scratch, this is the final project. Watch the video below to learn more about the app they built in less than 2 weeks!


  • Mobile app
  • Summary page of all your groceries
  • Input grocery in 3 ways:
    • Manual input via keyboard
    • Voice input
    • OCR input (scanning)
  • Automatically help you find the recipe online to cook your expiring food
  • Can use voice command to ask it to show you food that’s expiring in X amount of days
  • Notify you when the food is expiring via mobile notification

Built by

  • HunShen,
  • ZenMin,
  • Ezzy


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