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Full Time


  • If you love impacting people
  • If you love creating content with images, videos or any medium
  • If you love social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and etc.)
  • If you love seeing how your efforts make your social media grow…

We are looking for you!

NEXT Academy is a growing vibrant company that educates people on digital skills to embrace the future.

But more than that, we (the worker bees) at NEXT Academy are sporting, creative, fun group of people who loves a good laugh but also want to build the NEXT empire together! (~have to syok sendiri by complimenting ourselves la~~)

You see, we want to educate people, but also have fun doing so!

We are all cool and not camera shy, so yes, we can do a lot of crazzzzy things together. But, you need to be the one to create the creatives and videos larrr…

Also, as we are exploring different things, you get to learn new cool things together with us.

Come join us.

Send us a video on why you would be suitable for the role! Be creative!



  • To be the storyteller of NEXT Academy and build NEXT Academy’s social media presence

Key Functions

  • Come out with social media calendar
  • Create content (images, videos, podcast etc)
  • Be in charge of our social medias
  • Take charge of our content efforts


  • Great self-initiative and sense of responsibility
  • Never afraid to experiment mindset
  • Data driven mindset
  • Open minded to testing out new platforms
  • Comfortable with flexible working hours but within 40-45 hours/week (evenings, weekends – occasionally)
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Passionate about the digital age and technology
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

Good to have

  • Edit images
  • Edit videos
  • Resourceful enough to figure out a way


  • RM2500 – RM3300

Special Requirement

Please provide us this under the question “SPECIAL REQUIREMENT” in the form below.
  • Please prepare ONE VIDEO on why you are a fit for the role!
  • Provide us the link to the video

Job Referral

  • Know someone who can do this job?
  • Refer a friend for this job and you’ll get RM 500 in cold hard cash!
  • Just send them this link and ask them to fill in your email address in the application form.
  • We will email you once we hire and confirm your friend (after probation) for the job.

*Referral will only be paid out for successful hires that pass their probation period (typically 3 months)

About NEXT Academy

NEXT Academy is a school for people from all walks of life who are interested to learn to code, do digital marketing with the ultimate goal of becoming a world class software engineer, effective digital marketer and/or tech/online entrepreneur.

We also believe in equipping talent of all levels with the digital skills to innovate and thrive in their own career to propel overall business competitive and uniqueness.

Up till January 2017, we have graduated 500 software developer and digital marketers from 40 different countries. Many of them are now pursuing careers in the technology/digital industry as software engineers, project managers, designers, developers, digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Companies such as Amazon, Google, AirAsia, Digi, Fave/KFIT, Grab, Tinkerbox and more have hired our graduates. Many of our graduates have also gone on to build their own startups generating millions in revenue and raised millions as well in the process.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

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